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Encourager & Motivator

My Story

I’m a regular guy with a sucky illness called Ankylosing Spondylitis. After living with the illness for almost a decade, I had a huge flare up, and definitive diagnosis, in 2017. This is when I decided enough was enough. I started doing whatever I could to get control of my health and to push this disease into remission. I haven’t cured my Ankylosing Spondylitis or anything outlandish like that, but I have tried everything imaginable to treat this illness, from medication to dieting and supplementation. Some of it worked for me. Some of it didn’t work for me. Every person is different, and no treatment is definitive; I still figure that it can’t hurt to share everything I have learned with those out there looking for more options.

So here I am. A non-doctor, with no scientific background or medical training, sharing what I did to get my life back on track with Ankylosing Spondylitis dragging behind me. Nothing would make me happier than knowing the thousands of dollars  I spent trying new ways to treat this condition will help others learn from my mistakes. 

Everyone looks strong when they’re healthy and well, but I know the strongest people in the world are those who keep living life despite not being well.

– TK Dennis

TK’s Other Stuff

TK Talks

I record a motivational morning talk to help your start your day right every single morning.

Society Rebel

I created a place for people to share their story online. There’s no better way to learn about life than read the stories of others, and share your own.